Hello? Is this thing on? Can you hear me in the back of the room? If you are reading this, thanks for taking the time. Please read a little more.

Odds are that you have or have had something to do with Our Savior Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas or know someone who does. Maybe you are a lifelong member. Maybe you filled out the little attendance card one Sunday and wrote down your email address. Maybe you have no idea who I am talking about.

We hope this blog will be a website you frequent. Our goal is to give you a little bit of everything, from meaningful content to meaningless frivolity. We hope to host Bible Study podcasts from Pastor White and movie reviews by readers like you.

You might say that “Planet Augsburg” denotes the “worldview” of this website. But, our conversations will not be limited to high theology. In addition to sitting on back pews, drinking beer, and being slow learners, Lutherans can also be quite earthy and humorous. We will try not to let our sense of orthodoxy get the best of our sense of humor.

Our goal is to link all our college-aged church members into a “virtual” fellowship. They are scattered far and wide, but at least here they might come together with a spirit of perfect harmony . . . oh boy, this is starting to sound like a Coke commercial. You get the point.