Advances in “somatic cell reprogramming” may have just solved the 10-year old debate about the use of embryonic stem-cells by eliminating the need to “harvest” them from embryos. Instead, we can now apparently “reprogram” skin cells to have the same properties as embryonic stem-cells. Read more about this scientific breakthrough here.

Hopefully this will end the demagoguery by so many on the Left about embryonic stem-cells. Hopefully, I will not see Michael J. Fox tell me that I do not want to see him or anyone else with Parkinson’s cured if I do not vote for embryonic stem-cell research. Perhaps, someone will finally appreciate President Bush’s principled stand against morally questionable embryonic stem-cell research while the science of reprogramming caught up to the debate.

I will believe it when I see it. The fact of the matter is that adult stem cells have provided much more promise than embryonic stem-cell and without the ethical questions (since you do not have to kill anything to get them). Yet, this fact is almost never reported on or mentioned by proponents of embryonic stem-cell research.