I love C.F.W. Walther. In his book “Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel”, he teaches Christians like you and me about the necessity of rightly distinguishing between what is Law what is Gospel. Here are some excerpts:

Twenty Ninth Evening Lecture: “Well, do not forget that the blessedness of Christians does not consist in pleasant feelings, but in their assurance that in spite of the bitterest feelings imaginable they are accepted with God and in their dying hour will be received into heaven. That is indeed a great blessedness.

Fifth Evening Lecture: “By ascribing to man some share in his own salvation, we rob Christ of all His glory. God has created us without our cooperation, and He wants to save us the same way. We are to thank Him for having created us with a hope of life everlasting. Even so He alone wants to save us. Woe to him who says that he must contribute something towards his own salvation! He deprives Christ of His entire merit. For Jesus is called the Savior, not a helper towards salvation, such as preachers are. Jesus has achieved our entire salvation.

My suggestion:

1. Buy the book.

2. Read the book.