Remember “Crowded House”? I sure do. Though I don’t really know too much about their music, I do remember their most played single, “Don’t Dream It’s Over” (and the band which nearly ruined it….Six Pence None the Richer). I was watching Austin City Limits on PBS last Saturday, and Crowded House was the band of the evening, and I must say, their new album “Time On Earth” is quite impressive. So impressive to me, in fact, that I went out yesterday and bought the CD. I have not been able to take the full album in, but so far track 2 is my favorite: “Don’t Stop Now”. Here’s the video to “Don’t Stop Now”.

And while we’re on the theme, here is a little throw back to greater days, the 1980’s with Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over”.

“Don’t Dream It’s Over”