Last night at the Presidential debate, Gov. Huckabee was asked to clarify his position on a comment he made concerning “submissive wives” at a Southern Baptist Convention. His answer, I believe, was heartfelt, sincere, and delivered with the unashamed intentions of sharing the Gospel, but alas, did Huckabee get Eph 5:22-23 correct? Pastor David Shadday of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Indiana, believes Huckabee got it wrong. In my opinion, after relistening to Gov. Huckabee’s position, and the position of Pastor Shadday, I believe at the very best, Huckabee got some of it right and at the very worst, he missed the most crucial point of the passage: Christ’s love for the Church! If you didn’t get to watch the debate, here’s the clip:

Now listen to Pastor Shadday’s thoughts on Huckabee’s statement, and tell us what you think.