You are the life of my life. You are the soul of my soul. Therefore, I leave my life and soul in Your hands and cling to You completely with a humble heart. May your eminence regard my lowliness. May Your highness regard my worthlessness. Why do I desire to be praised by the world? Nothing in it is pure. Why do I glorify myself so much? The yoke of sin oppressively weighs me down. May a holy fear pierce my heart like a spike so it will not be puffed up with the most dangerous illness–spiritual pride. May my countless sins always be before my eyes, but may my good works, whatever sort they are, be forgotten. I am troubled by the memory of my sins more than I am pleased by the glory of any impure or imperfect good work that I have done. In You alone do I rejoice and glory. You are my joy and glory for eternity.

Johann Gerhard From Meditations on Divine Mercy, p107