That’s what the results of a recent study show.  I suppose this is good news, but it seems to be a mixed bag.  The report says the number of abortions has “plunged” to 1.25 million.  Awesome.  We are only killing every fifth child conceived, instead of every third.  Great.

The devil is in the details.  Abortions via the abortion pill are on the rise (now accounting for 13 percent of all abortions).  I wonder if the survey only considered surgical abortions in its 1.25 million number?  The Houston Chronicle does not say.

The fact that the number of abortion clinics was down 15 percent (a loss of 48 abortion clinics) is good news. Who would not cheer the closing of a little auschwitz in their community?  There are some.

Another interesting tidbit from this article:

A political tactics manual recently developed for Planned Parenthood asserts that voters respond well to such issues [cheaper access for birth control] — especially when framed with buzzwords such as “prevention,” “protection” and “personal responsibility.”  

Dwell too much on abortion, and the broader liberal agenda will bog down, warned Kathy Bonk, a consultant who developed the strategy. “It matters where you start the conversation,” Bonk said. “If you start on abortion, you don’t get off abortion.”

So, the goal of abortion rights activists is to keep the focus off abortion?  Hmm, why is that?

But, maybe I should not be so cynical about these survey results.  If indeed they show that women are not having as many abortions as they were, that would be something to cheer.  I cannot help but think about my post last week about the movies Knocked Up and Juno.  Of course, they came out after this study was complete.  But, maybe they are reflections of what is happening in our culture.  More women are choosing life instead of death.

If so, I think the congratulations should go to countless state-level legislators across the country who have worked to pass notification laws and laws encouraging or requiring ultrasounds.  Perhaps, the debate over partial-birth abortion has nudged some from their slumber.  Credit should also go to pastors willing to condemn abortion in our culture and call their congregations to work for its end.  

Who cannot take credit?   The countless morons who have urged pro-lifers to “take abortion out of politics.” The countless politicians like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Rudy Guiliani who would rather sweep these dead babies under the rug than talk about the issue. The countless people, though fair-minded and reasonable, who do not care that this is happening because it is simply out of sight and out of mind.

So, I will stand and cheer the women who have given their babies a chance at life, but I will still mourn the 45 to 50 million (and still counting) babies who received nothing but death.  May they find, in heaven, the love they did not receive on Earth.