A “scientist” has apparently cloned himself using his own skin cells. But read the fine print. He used his own skins cells and skin cells from another man to fertilize an egg harvested from a woman. It strikes me that we really have a child with three parents, not really a clone, at least not one like Boba Fett (but, I digress). I guess that headline would not sell newspapers.

You have to read the article to get a sense of how truly blind these people are to what they are doing. Here is an example and one that is almost boiler plate in every mainstream media article about stem cells:

Such stem cells could be invaluable in the study of diseases and the testing of drugs. They could ultimately be used to replace the damaged tissues behind diseases from Alzheimer’s to diabetes. Stem cells taken from cloned embryos would be a perfect match to the patient, whose body would not reject them.

So, just to be clear what we are talking about. We will create life in order to destroy it and use the spare parts. Nevermind that embryonic stem cells never offered one legitimate therapeutic use and adult stem cells (morally unobjectionable because nothing has to be killed to harvest them) have resulted in dozens. Raise an objection to such predator-prey behavior and you are branded a hater of science, a religious fanatic.

A few years ago, a movie called the Island depicted just such a horror. See the trailer here. Clones were grown at a sequestered facility to serve as spare parts (“insurance policies” in the movie’s lingo). Of course, these clones were raised to adulthood and soon began to question why they were there. This made for a great movie as the clones revolted and tried to escape.

In reality, I suspect the clones will not be so lucky. They will never be allowed to grow into anything that might warrant sympathy for their plight (Of course, as I am writing this I am reminded of the lack of sympathy or concern many seem to have for full term babies aborted via partial birth abortion; Obama, Hillary, John, and Rudy I am talking to you). Maybe that restraint will only be necessary for the first few years.

Several years ago, I toured what remains of a Nazi death camp outside Berlin. There we saw the ovens, the examination rooms where countless, horrific experiments were conducted. However, the thing that had the most impact on me was seeing items held by the little museum there showing what the Nazis did with the remains of the people tortured and killed there. There were pillows stuffed with hair and lamp shades made out of human skin.

Is this any different? Cleaner to be sure. Is it any different?