You are a missionary sailing the seven seas to a special group of natives known as the Naci-Remans. These Naci-Remans get their name from their island, Acir-Rema. While traveling on your ship vessel, a massive, malicious, disasterous storm completely engulfs and demolishes your ship. You, however, are saved and are washed up on a very different island. All of your clothes: Gone. All of your food: Gone. By the Grace of God though, you notice your Bible and 4 other books have safely landed on the shore. Hypothetically, what Christian books would you like those mysterious 4 to be? Remember, besides the Bible you get 4 other books. For example, here are mine:

1. The Hammer of God by Bo Giertz

2. Luther’s Large Catechism

3. Lutheran Service Book

4. God’s No and God’s Yes: The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel by C.F.W. Walther

There you have it: I selected Hammer of God because no other book besides the Bible has heavily influenced my Christian walk like “The Hammer of God”. It is as Bo Giertz said, “The doctrine of Justification fleshed out in novel form”. Think of it like this, Pilgrim’s Progress is to Reformed/Presbyterian Christians as The Hammer of God is to Lutherans. I cannot speak highly enough about this book; I love it, cherish it, and draw inspiration from it. Secondly, I selected Luther’s Large Catechism because I believe it summarizes the Christian faith perfectly, and it serves as a great companion to the Bible. As we say on Reformation day, “God’s Word and Luther’s doctrine pure”. Next, I selected the “Lutheran Service Book” because hymns are an important aspect to my spiritual life. One hymn is packed with spiritual nourishment, because each stanza and verse are derived from the Gospel. Lastly, I selected The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel because without a making a proper distinction between Law & Gospel the Bible “remains a closed book”. It is the only paradigm by which to properly understand scripture; it places Christ at the center and provides a window to the Father’s loving heart.