We have quite a discussion going on one of the abortion posts below (17 comments so far). It all started with a question about whether or not voting for a pro-choice candidate is sin. I posed this question over at Gene Veith’s blog and received the following answer from one of his readers:

“Finally, he declared that to vote for a pro-abortion candidate in any election is a sin.”

On that the pastor is correct. It is a sin to support a pro-abortionist for public office, because such a politician legislates and supports actions consisting of the brutal and wicked murder of our nation’s unborn children.

As Luther explained in the Large Catechism (Part 1, para 188-9) :

“Therefore the entire sum of what it means not to kill is to be impressed most explicitly upon the simple-minded. In the first place, that we harm no one, first, with our hand or by deed. Then, that we do not employ our tongue to instigate or counsel thereto. Further, that we neither use nor assent to any kind of means or methods whereby any one may be injured…

“Secondly, under this commandment not only he is guilty who does evil to his neighbor, but he also who can do him good, prevent, resist evil, defend and save him, so that no bodily harm or hurt happen to him, and yet does not do it… So also, if you see any one innocently sentenced to death or in like distress, and do not save him, although you know ways and means to do so, you have killed him.”

The citation from the Large Catechism was particularly insightful. I figured I would highlight this discussion on the blog because of its timeliness and import for the coming presidential election.