Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America, is taking a lot of heat for suggesting the the opposition groups like Planned Parenthood present against federal funding for abstinence education is financially motivated.

National Review Online has an article on the subject. It quotes Wright.

Interviewed for a Dec. 31 Fox News segment on the debate over federal funding for abstinence education, Wright claimed groups that oppose funding for such programs really want teens to choose sex.

“In fact, they want to encourage that,” she said, “because they benefit when kids end up having sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancies, and then they lead them into having abortions. So you have to look at the financial motives of those promoting comprehensive sex ed.” Although Wright didn’t mention any specific abstinence opponent in the interview clip, there is little doubt she meant Planned Parenthood.

Ah, “Planned Parenthood,” could there be a more sinister name for an organization? I say, sinister because their name has absolutely nothing to do with their business: killing babies. Planned? Anything but. Indeed, abortion is the ultimate ending to an unplanned pregnancy. Only the termination of the child is planned (BTW, they performed a record 264,943 “terminations” last year). Parenthood? One would think PP would offer a variety of parenting classes, etc. Well, a whopping 3 percent of its services focus on something other than killing.According to the article, PP is a $908 million “non-profit” business that generated $55.8 million in income over expenses in 2006. $300 million of their funds came from taxpayer dollars (still think the only thing Presidents can do about abortion is appoint good judges?).

But, Wright’s point is that PP is using “sex education” to develop new business (i.e., new abortions). For this, she has been called the “Worst Person in the World” by Keith Olbermann. She’s been called crazy, delusional, and a disservice to women. Yet six in ten women having abortions experienced contraceptive failure. That’s not exactly a winning percentage. Meanwhile, PP does everything it possibly can to block funding for abstinence education. Why? What is inconsistent about “planned parenthood” and abstinence? Follow the money.

Critics of abstinence education always proclaim it to be completely unreasonable. The mantra is that all these teenagers are incapable of being responsible: they are going to have sex! You are an idiot if you do not think so! Therefore, we must teach them how to have sex “safely.” Please. If they going to be irresponsible about sex, what makes it so likely that they will be responsible when it comes to condoms, birth control, etc.?

What they need are parents and peers willing to set the example and give them leadership and support. They need to know what God expects of them and the blessings he has planned for them in marriage and family. If they fail, they need to know they are forgiven and that their response to that failure cannot be the death of an unborn child.

HT: Gene Veith