I had a great conversation with my best friend on Saturday about life, friendship, humor, and a little bit of politics. We were both in agreement that Mike Huckabee should not be scolded or mocked for still running in the primaries, and here is why:

As Christians, we are not called to pick a political party, or identify any party as a representation of our faith, to do so I believe, turns Christianity into yet another bland religion of work-based justification. Instead, Christians are to keep a biblical worldview, and vote Christian. Mike Huckabee should be respected among Christians for his firmness and his desire to keep going forward, because what he provides for a Christian is a safe place to invest your vote. So when you hear “conservative” pundits moan and groan because Huckabee is somehow hurting McCain, remember two things:

1. You are not a republican and you are not a democrat. You are a Christian.

2. Huckabee is providing a service for us; we no longer have to play the game of “pick your poison”, instead, we can say “NO!” to McCain or Obama (or Hillary).

Lastly, it is a false notion to believe that you can “throw your vote away”. Don’t think of your vote as just a means to put someone in an office. Rather, think of your vote as a good confession, a statement of what you believe, or a matter of conscience. So don’t look for advice on ethics from republican or democrat men who don’t know “a lick” about Christianity, instead, search the scriptures and vote biblically.

*For more on why there is no such thing as wasting a vote, go to my friend’s blog and read this post.