We previewed Ben Stein’s upcoming documentary last year. However, it is worth another post. Ben Stein has made a documentary about the bunker mentality of Darwinism and the persecution that is the reward for any scientist willing to question its assumptions.

The movie has a blog and its latest post provides some sneak peeks for viewers.

One highlight among many is Stein’s one-on-one interview with Richard Dawkins, the dashing Brit who has made a small fortune as the world’s most visible neo-Darwinist.
To his credit, and to the utter discomfort of the public education establishment, Dawkins does not shy from discussing the atheistic implications of Darwinism.
Indeed, Dawkin’s anti-deity call to arms, The God Delusion, has sold more than a million copies worldwide. Where Dawkins wanders into a black hole of his own making is in his discussion of the origins of life on earth.
To Stein’s astonishment, Dawkins concedes that life might indeed have a designer but that designer almost assuredly was a more highly evolved being from another planet, not “God.”
Stein does not respond. He does not need to. For the past hour of the film, the audience has met one scientist after another whose academic careers have been derailed for daring to suggest the possibility of intelligent design.
If only they had thought to put the designer on another planet!

So, if little green men deciding to cultivate the Earth with life is a possibility for Dawkins, why not the Logos?