If you have time and are in Houston, please stop by Our Savior Lutheran on Wednesday evenings for FAST (Fellowship and Study Together). At 5:45 PM dinner is served (today we had pulled pork…mmm, so who knows what we’ll have next week), and at 6:45 PM you have various options when it comes to fellowship and studying:

For those wanting to dive into the word:

Pastor White: Genesis 1-3. Bible Class Room
These are the Bible’s most important chapters beginning with the perfect creation, then the fall of man and culminating in God’s wonderful plan for salvation.

Pastor Glammeyer: Encouragement for you. C101
Everyone needs to be encouraged. In a world where so much sadness abounds, come find out how to be an encourager and how to receive encouragement.

Pastor Musgrove: Epistle of Hope: I Peter. C105
We will study/discuss the doctrines in this Epistle; see how they relate to other parts of Scripture; and how this applies to us. Bring your Bible, a pen and notepad to take notes.

Jeff Armstrong: Dangers of Cults. C106
Find out how people get sucked into cults. What makes a cult? How do leaders influence their followers?

For the kiddos:

Garrett Gerard: Broadway Live! C107
Designed for kids who like to act, each week they will rehearse and perform at the end of class.

For the chefs at heart:

Shelley Murrell: Dinner from a box. Cafeteria
Open to 10 kids – they will learn how to prepare basic meals from a box mix.

And lastly, for the very adventurous Christians, we have:

Loretta Supercinski: Dancer-Cise! Gym
Learn the basic dance steps of today and yesteryear. Open to all. You don’t have to be a star, just enthusiastic.

Above all, this is a great chance to immerse yourself deeper into Scriptures, provide a safe Christian outlet for your children, and develop a closer fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ.