Mike Horton of White Horse Inn has an exclusive interview with Molly Hemingway of the Wall Street Journal concerning the LCMS leadership and Issues Etc. If anyone has been following the cancellation of Issues Etc., you will recall that Molly Hemingway wrote an editorial piece in the Wall St. Journal criticisizing the LCMS’ leadership for its handling (or should I say mishandling) of the beloved Issues Etc. which was as there slogan always said, “A voice in the wilderness of American Evangelicalism”. If you have some free time and 15 minutes to listen, I would highly encourage you to do so as she makes very insightful observations concerning:
1. The current leadership within the LCMS.
2. The direction they are attempting to take the LCMS (Ablaze!).
3. Where this “Pop” Christianity movement within the LCMS came from.
4. As she notes in the interview, this is the first time Confessional Lutherans have been united in a cause of resistance.

My Thoughts: It’s going to be interesting to see what happens within the LCMS, I don’t believe the leadership ever anticipated such an outcry from Confessional Lutherans over a “mere” program, and it is my opinion that we are beginning to see the true cracks behind the current LCMS hierarchy. Perhaps in their haughty presumption they thought we were a toppling fence ready to fall, a wounded animal ready to die, but alas, God is our Rock and our Salvation (Psalm 62), and He upolds those who are “weak” and “poor” and denies those who are “strong” and “rich”.

Believe me, there are more updates pouring in concerning Issues Etc., there will be no sweeping this “issue” under the rug, the lines have been crossed. In fact, the last I checked there is now over 7000 signatures on the Issues Etc. petition, and the fund to raise money for Pastor Wilken and Jeff Schwartz has raised over $20,000 in a little over two weeks! In the end, we can rest in the certainty that this is Christ’s church whom He bought with His precious blood, and He was neither surprised nor alarmed by what has occurred, and as His word assures us, “He neither slumbers nor sleeps”. Christ will defend His church for He cannot deny Himself and He is faithful to His promises. Arise O Lord and defend thy Church and thy cause. Amen

For more information concerning donation to the Wilken/Schwartz fund, please go to Pr. Weedon’s blog.