That’s right folks you heard it here, OB1-K, Catechismatic95, and Jasioni would like to cordially invite you to our first ever “Feast of the Augsburgs” on Ascension Thursday May 1, 2008 at the Red Lion Pub in Houston, TX. If you’re a fan of “pubbery’s” you’ll find that Red Lion has a top notch beer selection encloaked in a charming English atmosphere, which we think will make for a fine evening filled with thoughtful fellowship and alot of good hearty cheer!

You’ve seen our blog (and hopefully read it), you’ve seen our products (and hopefully bought stuff), now come see the faces behind all the posts and ponderings! What we want is one evening filled with great conversation and hopefully new friends, a time to go beyond the “blog”, all of this of course done in Christ who is our Righteousness and Redemption.

The time is subject to change, but we are looking at 8:30 P.M. after Ascension service at Our Savior Lutheran Church. Tell us what you think….