Today, I am especially thankful to God for my best friend Hank, whom I have been blessed to know since I was student at Texas A&M. Every time I am able to speak with this man I am deeply encouraged, and tonight’s conversation proved to be no different. It was good medicine for my soul as he reminded me of the beauty of Christ’s atonement and its purpose for each of our lives:

Thank you Hank for reminding me that the atonement is what we breathe as children of God, it is the cool shade by which we rest protected from the accusations brought from the law, it is the anchor which enters into the heavenly tabernacle and secures our hope, it is the softest pillow by which we rest our weary heads and find rest for our souls, even now at this very moment it declares us free to serve our God in ever-lasting righteousness, innocence, and purity, and above all, it is the present reality by which we are preserved unto ever lasting life.

The sword of justice which should have cut us deep was instead driven into our merciful Savior, and every drop of holy perfect wrath which we deserved was put upon Jesus in our place. All the whippings, all the beatings, all the jeerings, all the accusations, all the condemnation, all the lonliness, the intense thirst it should have been ours, but God did for man what we could never have done for ourselves, He sent forth Jesus and paid the most insurmountable debt with His life. We are as Charles Wesley said, “A debtor to mercy”.

As we go along our day living out our vocation, let us fix our eyes on Jesus Christ who is our living hope, and our leading Shepherd. If you long for the assurance of grace, then you need not look within yourself to see if there is any goodness by which you can earn it, or doubt that your pleadings are of no use, but rather understand that God’s grace rests in the accomplishments of Jesus Christ, and it is all for you. It is in Jesus alone where one can find a never ending abundance of grace, and the best part? It flows from the mercy of a reconciled God, that is to say, One who is now at peace with us through Jesus Christ!