Apparently Obama is making a hard push to the evangelicals of Kentucky, lets pray they can see through his makeup. Here is the latest flyer he is passing out. A while back we made a “Lutheran response to Mike Huckabee” and now it only seems fit to give a Christian response to Obama.

We’ll start with the front cover:

1. “My faith teaches me that I can sit in church and pray all I want, but I won’t be fulfilling God’s will unless I go out and do the Lord’s work”.

My faith teaches me that man could never fulfill God’s will (law), in fact, sinful man overtly transgressed God’s will, and in doing so was condemned to phsyical and eternal death. But alas, my faith also teaches me of a glorious Salvation that God in His sovereign grace and mercy looked upon mankind’s sad estate before the foundation of world and sent forth His son Jesus Christ; True God and True man born of woman and under the law to redeem those who are under the Law. He actively fulfilled God’s will with perfect submissive obedience, and passively bore the wrath and abandonment I deserved so I would no longer stand as an enemy of God, a stranger to His love, and a hopeless outcast. My faith teaches me that by His bloody death and glorious resurrection I stand forgiven, righteous and adopted into a family of believers with God as my Father.

My faith teaches me that through Jesus Christ I am a part of the Church, of those who have been called out by the Holy Spirit and preserved in the one true faith. My faith teaches me that on account of God’s mercy in Christ and apart from my works, He hears my prayers.

Are you sure we’re talking about the same faith?

2. From here, the flyer points to Obama as a “Commited Christian”. Well I have some news for Obama, Good News in fact. It’s not about being a “Commited Christian”, it’s about a “commited and faithful Savior” who intercedes and justifies the unfaithful and ungodly (Rom 4:5). At any rate, when you make boasts of your “commitment” you undermine the language of Redemption and turn Christ into an afterthought. For we were once slaves to sin and under the dominion of the devil, but Jesus Christ purchased us back, not with gold, not with silver, but with His precious and innocent blood (1 Peter 1: 18-19). We are His property not by choice, but by a costly grace; so please stop your GODLESS chattering and arrogant boasting of “commitments” and be a true commited Christian and confess your sin and make your boast in Christ!

Above all, Christianity isn’t about you and it isn’t about me, it’s about Jesus Christ given and shed “for you” and for the world!