Anyone seen this movie?

What a disappointment. That spark that was present in each of the first three movies was missing. I kind of felt like I was watching someone else play a Indiana Jones video game with all the cheat codes and not letting me have a turn.

There were a few cool “Indy” moments, but mostly those were the result of nods to the old movies. In other words, child’s play. The movie makers did not have to try real hard to think those up.

Overall, it was just boring. The first three Indy movies defined the Summer “thrill.” “Iron Man” had Summer “thrill” in spades. This Indy installment is a Summer yawn.

Obviously, I blame George Lucas. It was sort of funny because I thought many of the weaknesses of the Star Wars prequels manifested themselves here.

There is a pattern developing. For some reason, Lucas cannot figure out how to move the plot along without having a sit-down meeting. You can outline it in you head as you watch it. Action scene. Plot conference. Action Scene. Plot Conference #2 Plot Conference #3 Action Scene. The next time you watch one of the Star Wars prequels count how many conference/meeting rooms you see and compare that to lightsaber/spacefighter battles. You will be disappointed by the outcome.

It’s the same with this Indy. Think about the first three movies. The pacing was breathless. That was part of the fun! The “Crystal Skull” plods along. Game play. Cut Scene to explain plot. Game play. Cut Scene. Game play.

I suppose that this should not be surprising. Indeed, this probably reflects George Lucas’s actual life. It all meetings and conference calls.

George kind of reminds me of a great 1970s singer/songwriter who has lost his talent, but still tours endlessly. That’s usually OK, but he refuses to play his old stuff! He wants to introduce audiences to his “new stuff.” Ewwww.

Finally, a parting shot.

There are a few op-eds about McCarthyism and Red Scares at the beginning of the movie. I don’t think it was tongue in cheek. Lucas IS trying to criticize McCarthyism.

Yet, the villains in this movie ACTUALLY ARE covert Soviet agents INSIDE the United States! They break into our most top secret bases and steal valuable intelligence. They have turned some of Indy’s closest friends into double agents! So, Joseph McCarthy was right? That does not seem like much a false “Red Scare” to me.

Did Lucas not see this? Did he not catch the irony of his own commentary? I don’t think he did.

Bottom line: don’t worry about missing this one. Make sure you see Iron Man . . . twice.