We had an interesting discussion in Sunday School class today about worship, specifically what is true, correct, proper worship. Should we make judgments, positive or negative about the way people worship?

Mind you I am not asking about doctrine or the content of the theology . . .

Can we separate the substance from the style of worship? Should we?

We talked about a few examples in our local community. One is brother Osteen and his success-driven Christianity. Is it the content (or lack thereof) of his theology that takes him off track or is it also his (for lack of a better word) style?

We talked about another church where the Pastor had a month long series with a pirate-theme. Apparently, it was during the release of Pirates of the Caribbean came out. He had a giant Pirate ship constructed and everything!

But, let’s assume the church faithfully presented the Word and properly administered the sacraments. Would there still be something WRONG with liturgical dancers, a Pirates of Caribbean theme sermons series?

Is it a matter of style? Is it a matter of tradition? Is it more?