Since Catechismaniac95 is too busy studying Greek (whatever…), and OB1-K hasn’t seen any movies lately;), here’s an “off topic” post for any of you aviation buffs out there.

My dad and I have been down to Stallion51 in Kissimmee to fly P-51 Mustangs a few times. This is a short video (with 80’s audio) that I made from my second flight. It’s an amazing experience – they take off and pretty much let you fly the remainder of the hour that you’re up there. My dad is in the lead plane when we take off, then we split up and do some acro. So far I’ve logged 3 flight hours…all in a P-51 (TF-51D to be technically correct). I’m heading down there in September for flight #4.

Don’t worry, it’s relevant because there’s a Lutheran flying the airplane;).