In case there’s somebody on the planet who hasn’t heard, there’s a new kid on the block, and he’s got a parrot on his shoulder.

Pirate Christian Radio is a new internet/radio network which serves as the vehicle for the resurrected Issues, Etc. Yes, Issues, Etc. is back from the dead and it’s everything it ever was – ten hours of sound Christian doctrine and cultural reflection in light of Jesus crucified. But Pirate Christian Radio is more than that, it is an incubator for any number of new, confessional Christian programs. All made available for live streaming or download, and in some places even available over the air.

The starvation is this: Since mid March, my MP3 player has been kind of a sad place to go. I have ten hours of commuting on the train and by foot, so 40 minutes of White Horse Inn per week just doesn’t cut it. Steely Dan is nice but quickly gets old and does nothing to feed my soul. The surfeit is this: There are ten hours of Issues Etc. to add every week. There are any number of other programs we can sample, it’s like a mile-long buffet from which we can hunt out the very best. For the confessionals among us, and if you’re here that’s almost certainly you, it’s fat city. What a turn around.

The cancellation of Issues, Etc. was a painful thing. But it shed great light on the hijinks and politics of the Missouri Synod, and in its rising from the ashes it has spawned the creation of a new confessional radio network and a lot of new programming. This is a time of great joy for us – shiver me timbers!