This is He who came by water and blood–Jesus Christ; not by the water only but by the water and the blood.” 1 John 5:6

“John tells us in his gospel about an eyewitness, himself obviously, who stood under Jesus’ cross when one of the soldiers pierced the side of the dead Savior. This witness saw blood and water come from the wound.

John saw a sign in this, something that had a deeper meaning. A stream of life came from the dead Savior on the cross that would reach the whole world. That stream would come with water in Baptism and blood in the Communion cup. It would carry with it Jesus’ victory on the cross.

In his letter he writes about this sight. We can regard these words as a very useful reminder that Christ has come to us with water in Baptism. However, He has also come with blood. A Christian is not only baptized, but a guest at communion. You can’t take Communion once, as with Baptism, and then in belief go about your life. Communion is something to be taken regularly. Through Baptism we’ve been incorporated into Christ as members in His body. Now the stream of life from Him pulsates through us also. Through Communion this stream reaches us as the blood that cleanses us from all sin. In Communion we drink from the source of life and forgiveness. We are at the cross and the gates of heaven at the same time that open slightly and let us hear the never ending exultations surrounding the Lamb of God and catch a glimpse of His Glory.”
– Bo Giertz, “To Live with Christ” p. 549

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