Here is some Table Talk from Dr. Luther concerning the subject of Church Fathers:

When God’s Word is by the Fathers expounded, construed, and glossed, then, in my judgment, it is even as when one strains milk through a coal-sack, which must needs spoil and make the milk black; God’s Word of itself is pure, clean, bright and clear; but, through the doctrines, books, and writings of the Fathers, it is darkened, falsified, and spoiled.

Obviously, Luther took a dim view of the writings of the Church Fathers. This is understandable given the role Church Tradition had played (still plays?) up to his time.

Is it useful or practical to read these Church Fathers today? What is the difference between reading one of them and reading, say, C.S. Lewis? What about Augustine? If there is a Church Father we Lutherans tend to have a soft spot for, it is Augustine. It is easy to see why beyond just Luther’s belonging to an Augustinian Order. Augustine’s two cities and Luther’s two kingdoms provide one chief example.

What are the thoughts of the high powered theologians around Planet Augsburg?