September 2008

Beer alone

Beer alone

Many brothers say, ‘surely you think that I contributed something to my conversion.’ And the answer is ‘Sure: Darkness of mind, weakness and boundness of will, hatred of God, sin in thought, word and deed. You made all sorts of contributions to this deal.  — Dr. Rod Rosenbladt

You’ve got to love Dr. Rosenbladt. Beyond any other, he sounds like the archetype of all Lutherans. Why him more than my pastor or Todd Wilken or even President “not your grandfather’s church” Kieschnick? Because whenever he speaks, he’s very earnest. And whenever he speaks, he sounds like he’s had a couple of beers. And there’s nothing more Lutheran than earnestly talking theology over beer.

Compare his voice and his message to John MacArthur, one of the great evangelical preachers, and you can instantly understand the difference between Lutherans and Evangelicals. Both MacArthur and Rosenbladt know the fundamental truth that all things necessary for salvation have been done by Jesus. The difference is in the response. MacArthur sees this as a stepping off point to sanctifying action – “this is how we are to live” and so on. Rosenbladt and we Lutherans relax and wallow in what a marvelous thing Christ has done and let the Holy Spirit  do the work of sanctification. Lutherans are the most mellow of Christians because there is no goad of uncertainty driving us on.

Compare his message to Joel Osteen’s and what do you find? You find that Lutherans know that we can’t improve our relationship with God, only Jesus can do that. And we know that it’s all been taken care of for us. The Osteenians don’t have such position or such certainty. It’s the Lutherans who have a better life now.

On Issues, Etc., Dr. Rosenbladt is doing a series on the solas – the reformation “alones” that we acknowledge are critical for understanding salvation. Excellent theology, and entertaining listens. Highly recommended. The first two are listed here:

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White Winter Hymn by Fleet Foxes Enjoy!

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