Welcome to Planet Augsburg–“Where Law and Gospel are rightly divided and a Diet of Worms is not the result of losing a bet.” You might say that “Planet Augsburg” denotes the “worldview” of this website. But, our conversations will not be limited to high theology. In addition to sitting on back pews, drinking beer, and being slow learners, Lutherans can also be quite earthy and humorous. We will try not to let our sense of orthodoxy get the best of our sense of humor, hence the tagline business. We are proud Lutherans, but not too proud. Serious, but not too serious.

We hope this blog will be a website you frequent or even bookmark. Our goal is to give you a little bit of everything, from meaningful content to meaningless frivolity. We hope to host Bible Study podcasts from serious confessional pastors AND commentary on ridiculous world wide web trivia from contributors willing to name themselves things like “Catechismatic95” and “OB1-K.” Don’t hold our noms dur cyber against us.

Please enjoy and lets us know what you think: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We can take it. We are all about grace.


One Response to “About”

  1. theoldadam Says:

    Where are you guys??

    We need you and your solid Reformation/Lutheran perspectives on things!!

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